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Getting the word out whenever there is something new on this website is proving to be too difficult.  So I'm trying this page instead.  Whenever I add or change something, I will make an entry here, along with a link to make it easy to find.  Please let me know what you think by shooting me an email at  Thank you for allowing me to serve!


9/7/2017 - There is a page with information about the Fall Assembly, including the final agenda for the weekend.


8/26/2017 - The latest edition of the Alanews has been posted. Please read the important information about going electronic on page 3.


8/9/2017 - At the beginning of the 2017 World Service Conference, the Board of Trustees announced the search for a new Executive Director. Now the new Executive Director has been found, and here is a letter from the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees with the announcement.


3/27/2017 - As folks turn in their reports from spring assembly, I'm posting them to the spring assembly page and setting links for each of the reports and presentations.  So if you missed something or just want to reminisce, go check it out!


3/27/2017 - Looking to send your teen(s) to Alateen camp this June?  The registration form is now available online on the UTAC page.


3/9/2017 - The latest District 1 Meeting Schedule has been updated to a change in the Detach with Love meeting, which is now closed until our new venue becomes available.  We are hoping that will be some time this summer.  In the meantime, may we suggest the Friday Night Staying Alive meeting in Ogden?


3/9/2017 - The business agenda for Spring Assembly is now on our web site!  Click here.


3/1/2017 - The latest District 3 Meeting Schedule has been updated.  This covers Salt Lake City and Park City.


2/27/2017 - The Spring Assembly 2017 Page is now live.  Check back often for the latest updates.  If you are in District 6, check it for information on transportation.


2/16/2017 - The latest District 3 Meeting Schedule is available now.


2/6/2017 - Districts 1 and 8 have published new schedules.  Click on "Find a Meeting", above, to find the one that suits you.


1/31/2017 - UTAC Planning Committee Elections will be held February 6th.  Check out the UTAC Page for further information.


1/25/2017 - The Logan Speaker Meeting has scheduled a speaker for February 19th.


1/23/2017 - Check out the new District 6 Meeting Schedule.


1/13/2017 - Our past Delegate, Patrick, has composed a parting letter to the Area in the Delegate's Corner. Welcome to our new Delegate, Nancy!


1/8/2017 - District 1 will be hosting a service workshop on January 21st at the Clearifield Community Church from 10 AM to 3 PM.  If you are a new GR, alternate GR, treasurere, or just an interested member, please join us to learn what it's all about and how it can be so much fun!  Here's the agenda.


12/29/2016 - The first edition of the Utah Area Archives Page is now available.  Look for the "Area Archives" Link on the left side of the home page, under "Member Information".  This is a work in progress as the task force proceeds with its mission.  Currently the page contains links to the catalog of information contained in the paper archives.


12/21/2016 - Just posted the new District 3 Meeting Schedule.


12/12/2016 - The latest edition of Utah's Alanews is online now. Also, a flyer was posted on the Upcoming Events Page for a service workshop to be hosted by District 1 on January 21st.  Here's a printable flyer to save the date.


11/21/2016 - There is a new meeting in Northern Utah!  Unity AFG has opened its doors and hearts in Washington Terrace on Monday nights.  Here is the latest schedule.


11/14/2016 - Print this flyer and put it on the fridge to remind you to support the District 3 Holiday Boutique on December 3rd.  Santa will be there so bring the kiddies.  While your at it, print the flyer for the District 6 Winter Group Soup Social and start your year off right.


10/12/2016 - District 1 has posted their October minutes.  District 3 has posted an amended version of the August minutes.  The location for the UTAC Halloween Carnival has been set for the Ogden Alano Club.


10/05/2016 - District 6 has lost another meeting. This is the current District 6 Meeting Schedule.


9/28/2016 - Want to know what happened at fall assembly but were unable to attend?  Catch up on the highlights here:  Results of 2016 Fall Assembly


9/16/2016 - We are now a week away from the Utah Area Fall Assembly!  The fun starts Friday night with an Al-Anon 65th Birthday Bash.  Come join us for games, prizes and cake.  This will be followed by a sharing meeting.  Saturday, of course, is the business day and elections for area positions take center stage.  Keep checking the 2016 Fall Assembly Page for any late breaking news.


9/14/2016 - The Spanish Meeting in Ogden has closed for lack of attendance.  This is the latest District 1 Meeting Schedule.


9/13/2016 - District 1 is pleased to present the 2017 Spring Assembly Registration!  Please join us the weekend of March 17-19 for the first assembly of the new panel we will elect this Fall.  The spring assembly will be held in Logan at the same place as last year. 


9/10/2016 - The Fall Edition of Alanews is now available on the web. 


9/4/2016 - The District 3 August Minutes are now available on the web, as are the District 1 September Minutes.  Also, the Ogden AIC (Al-Anon Information Center) has posted its annual Winter Party Save the Date Flyer so you can start planning your holiday weekends.


9/2/2016 - Check out the Fall Assembly 2016 Page!  The updated agenda, along with the voting items are out there now.  Don't miss the event of the season!!


8/23/2016 - District 6 had a change to their schedule so here is the new schedule.


8/23/2016 - Fresh news that our delegate has passed to us from World Service Office:

Be informed!

Want news from your WSO? Subscribe to AFG Announcements.

Now members can sign up to receive a free subscription to AFG Announcements—all we need is your email address (you can easily unsubscribe at any time). This communication system for individual members will deliver announcements from the World Service Office (WSO) right to your inbox.

Some examples of announcements include: new literature, surveys, WSO employment opportunities, and Group eNews, to name a few.

Members in service who currently receive information through this “Announcements—WSC Structure” community on AFG Connects will continue to receive announcements in that manner so there is no need to subscribe.

Members in your group can go to the Members' website to sign up, or share this link with them: Be informed!

Suzanne Martin
Associate Director--Conference

8/15/2016 - New District 3 Meeting Schedule:  There's a new meeting on Wednesdays!


8/9/2016 - Please take a look at the Delegate's Corner.  There is a letter from our delegate, Patrick.


8/9/2016 - Would you like to learn what the Archives Thought Force is going to present before you get to Fall Assembly?  If so, click HERE.  Of course, to stay in the know, you should check out the Fall Assembly page.  It's little more than a month away!  And if you haven't registered yet, here's the registration form.  Don't forget to bring your new GR.


8/8/2016 - District 1 held their elections at the district business meeting last week.  Here are the minutes with the winners announced.


8/1/2016 - Posted updated schedule for District 3.


7/20/2016 - 'Tis the season to update schedules.  Here are two more updates:  District 6 and District 9.


7/12/2016 - District 3 schedule was updated.  Find it here.


7/12/2016 - District 1 has changed their schedule again.  The Brigham City meeting "Detach with Love" is now meeting on Sunday evenings at the Brigham City Alano Club.  Click here for a new schedule.


7/8/2016 - District 1 now has the July minutes on the the District 1 page.  Elections for district positions will be held on August 4th and here is a flyer with the job description of open positions.


6/27/2016 - District 3's June minutes are now online.  To see who will be filling the open service positions in 2017 click here.


6/23/2016 - THE WEBSITE MOVE IS NOW COMPLETE.  If you experience any problems, please try refreshing the page first.  If that doesn't work, please email me at


6/19/2016 - THIS WEBSITE MAY BE DOWN PERIODICALLY DURING THE COMING WEEK!  Starting Monday night, there may be times when the site is down while we move it to another provider.  There may be "issues" after the move; please report them to


6/19/2016 - Registration is open for the Fall Fellowship Weekend in Ogden.  Download the registration form.  The form contains a schedule of activites for the weekend and the lists the speakers for the Saturday night speaker event.


6/14/2016 - District 3 will be holding elections for district positions at the June 18th meeting (2 PM).  If you're interested in standing for a position, you can see what the requirements are by clicking this link to download the information.  For more information, go to and download guidelines from the member's page.


6/14/2016 - Several public outreach workshops will be happening in St George, Midway, and Eden.  Download the flyer to find one close to you. 


6/5/2016 - For those of you who attended Delegates Day, thank you for supporting our delegate.  To help you carry the message, download the table tent from HERE.


5/30/2016 - Happy Memorial Day!   There is a flyer for the Logan Speaker Meeting.  Please note that it will be held the 2nd Sunday in June, not the usual 3rd Sunday.


5/29/2016 - Reminder!  Next Saturday (June 4th) is the Delegates Day event in Richfield.  If you haven't registered already, here's a handy link; just click HERE.  The event will be held at Frontier Village, 1475 N Main Street, Richfield from 10 AM to 3 PM.


5/29/2016 - The June edition of the Alanews newsletter is out.  You can always find the latest copy on the Alanews page.  Click HERE to visit it now.


5/23/2016 - New meeting schedule for District 3  (Salt Lake City, Park City, Kamas, West Valley City, Draper, Midvale, Sandy, Bountiful & Tooele) is HERE.


5/9/2016 - Notice:  Detach with Love in Brigham City is temporarily suspended while they try to find another venue for the meeting.  Stay tuned for more information!


5/4/2016 - The webpage and flyer are now available for Fall Assembly.  This will be held in Salt Lake City in September.  This is a voting assembly for all area positions. 


4/22/2016 - The Al-Anon Information Center in Ogden will be hosting their summer Fun Raiser on June 25th this year.  Admission is free (though 7th tradition is appreciated) and the Wheel of Fortune will be there again.  Ask anyone who was at last year's picnic and they'll tell it was a blast!  So bring the family and come for the fellowship and the FUN.  Here's a printable flyer.


4/20/2016 - If you are a fan of the District 1 Combined Speaker Meetings in Ogden, we made a slight change.  In May, Zahra will be speaking instead of Anna.  Many of us have not heard Zahra's story so this will be a treat.  Speaking of treats, she will be bringing her awesome baklava for sale at the UTAC bake sale so bring money!  Here's the updated flyer if you need to replace the one you have:  printable flyer.  Also, check out the upcoming events page for the latest of Fellowship of the Spirit and Fall Fellowship Weekend in October.


4/17/2016:  District 1 now has an official Spanish meeting in Ogden...Yay!  Here is an updated District One Meeting Schedule.


4/12/2016:  Hey, everybody!  The quilt to be raffled off at the Taco event on April 23rd is ready to make its debut!  Click here to see what it looks like.


4/11/2016:  Due to a lack of interest, the district 1 Tuesday Alateen meeting has been suspended.  Maybe we can put together another meeting when and if interest picks up.


4/7/2016:  District 3 has another new group.  This one is in Tooele and the schedule is updated with pertinent information to help you find it.  Get it here.


4/6/2016:  Our local bikers want to help send some teens to UTAC camp with a Biker Poker Run and BBQ event at the Alano Club in Ogden on May 7th.  Al-Anon will provide coffee, a raffle and bake sale.  Here is a printable flyer.​


4/5/2016 - Support the Alateens by joining us at the UTAC Taco Bar and Quill Raffle Fund Raiser.  What's better than tacos and fellowship?  How about spending some money to send some kids to camp?  Here's a printable flyer for the event.


3/26/2016 - District 3 has added a new meeting on Mondays in Park City.  Here is a new schedule.


3/24/2016 - A Spanish meeting will begin April 1st, 2016 in District 1.  Click here for a flyer with the address and pertinent information. 


3/24/2016 - The Tri-C AFG Group in Clearfield will not be able to meet at the Clearfield Community Church on April 23rd and 30th.  Instead, please meet at the Roy Baptist Church on those dates (same time).


3/23/2016 - District 1 has just published their approved minutes for February on the District 1 page.  ALSO, the Delegate's Day flyer has been updated with the address of our new alternate delegate so you can register to attend this great event.


3/23/2016 - Time to start registering for UTAC camp!  You can find registration forms and information for adopting a teen at this page.


3/21/2016 - A big thank you to everyone who helped make spring assembly such a huge success this year.  Groups should be proud of their GRs for their service, look forward to hearing their reports of what happened, and getting to express their opinion on the KDBM that will be discussed at World Service Conference next month. 


3/21/2016 - It's time again for the annual Al-Anon/Alateen Information Service (AAIS) Western Soup and Chili Event.  This is a fund raiser to help keep the lights on and stack the shelves with books so Al-Anon and Alateen will continue to be here for the newcomers of the future.  Come have some soup, bid on a dessert, and join in on the line dancing.  Here's a flyer with all the information you need to get there.


3/18/2016 - Back by popular demand!  Dawn M will be facilitating an Intimacy Workshop on Saturday, April 30th in Farmington. 


3/18/2016 - District 1's Thursday meeting in Brigham City has moved to a new day!  It is now on Wednesdays at 7 PM.  Here is a flyer to help you find the new venue.  Oh and the district one schedule has been updated.  The newest one shows March 21st as the update date.


3/16/2016 - Check out the upcoming events in June!


2/26/2016 - The District 3 Meeting Schedule has been updated.  The schedule now has a "current as of" date printed on it so you'll be able to check your paper copies and see if they are outdated. 


2/23/2016 - District 3 added their Alateen schedule to the Alateen schedule page and here is their printable fridge flyer.  So if you are in the Salt Lake area and have some teens, get in the car and go!


2/21/2016 - Are you a group treasurer?  If so, you might want to check out the flyer "Show Me the Money".  This downloadable file was a handout from the District 1 service workshop held in 2015.  All of the information was taken from the service manual and collected in an easy-to-read flyer you can keep with your group's finance papers for easy reference.


2/18/2016 - The latest edition of Alanews is hot off the presses!  Please remind everyone in your group that the Utah Area newsletter is now free and they can download their own copy at any time from the Alanews Page..


2/14/2016 - The District 3 page is now live and the minutes from their January meeting are the first item on display.


2/14/2016 - Our area chair has released the agenda for the Saturday business meeting for Spring Assemby.  You can find it on the spring assembly page or download it here.  Also, check the Spring Assembly page frequently as we add more area job descriptions.


2/6/2016 - District 1 Minutes are now on the web on the District 1 Web Page.


2/2/2016 - Started adding area job descriptions to the spring assembly page.


2/2/2016 - Added the "Delegate's Corner" page for our delegate, Patrick, to give him a platform to share information with us as he gets it. 


2/1/2016 - Added a flyer for the District 3 Meditation Workshop on March 5th.


1/27/2016 - District 3 supplied an updated meeting schedule for the find a meeting page.


1/25/2016 - Posted the flyer for the 2016 Logan Speaker Meeting lineup.  If there's a month open (even months only) and you'd be available and willing to speak, please contact your group representative or sponsor.


1/22/2016 - Reminder!  It's time for the annual Al-Anon Member Survey.  Go to the Al-Anon Member Site and click on the Survey link.  If you don't know your group's password, contact your group representative.  Once you're on the survey page, find and click the "Al-Anon Program Survey" link, which will be open until February 26th.  The survey takes about 5 minutes.


1/18/2016 - UTAC Planning Committee Elections flyer is on the upcoming events page and a newly created UTAC page.


1/18/2016 - Added the page for Spring Assembly 2016.  If you hold an area position, you can download the job description document to fill out now.  Keep checking back for information on this event, coming up in March.  All GRs should be in attendance to carry the vote for your group.


1/15/2016 - District 1 just posted the schedule for their monthly combined speaker meeting (AA and Al-Anon) in Ogden.  The Alateens sell baked goods in the back of the room to make money for their annual UTAC event so join us for some dessert and recovery.


1/12/2016 - District 1 is losing their meeting space for the Thursday Detach with Love AFG meeting.  So the meeting is suspended until another venue can be found.  Unfortunately, this is the only meeting in the district for Thursday night so, should you find yourself needing a meeting, use your call list or call your sponsor.  May we suggest the Friday night Staying Alive AFG meeting in North Ogden, which is only 15 minutes from Brigham City, as a replacement until this meeting finds a new home.  Here is the link to the the updated schedule for District 1.


1/2/2016 - Happy New Year!  First job was a little cleanup of old flyers and added a new one for CALM's birthday party.  I went last year and it was great fun!


12/8/2015 - Added a new section under Member Information for Al-Anon Literature.  This contains a link to download S-16, which is the order form for all our Conference Approved Literature.


12/7/2015 - Discovered that the time was wrong on the District 1 Tuesday night Alateen meeting (oops!) on the schedules.  Fixed the district 1 schedule and the Alateen meeting page.


12/4/2015 - Add upcoming event and flyer for District 3 Gratitude Brunch in Bountiful.


12/3/2015 - Finally remembered to put the latest version of Alanews on the site.


11/30/2015 - Added a new page under the "Alateen" section on the let column.  It is for Alateen Meetings and currently lists meeting information for northern Utah.  It includes a fridge flyer that the kids can download, color and remind their parents to take them to a meeting.


11/23/2015 - Added a link to PRAASA 2016 under "Info on Upcoming Events".


11/21/2015 - Added a new page under the "Be of Service" section on the left column.  It is called Al-Anon Acronyms and is the direct result of a request made at the last fall assembly.  I'm still working my way through the list so stay tuned!


11/17/2015 - Added the flyer for the District 3 Christmas Boutique event happening December 5th.