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Al-Anon Member Information

Be informed!

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Now members can sign up to receive a free subscription to AFG Announcements—all we need is your email address (you can easily unsubscribe at any time). This communication system for individual members will deliver announcements from the World Service Office (WSO) right to your inbox.

Some examples of announcements include: new literature, surveys, WSO employment opportunities, and Group eNews, to name a few.

Members in service who currently receive information through this “Announcements—WSC Structure” community on AFG Connects will continue to receive announcements in that manner so there is no need to subscribe.

Members in your group can go to the Members' website to sign up, or share this link with them: Be informed!

Suzanne Martin
Associate Director--Conference


Contact Information for Area Panel

Area Treasurer

Printable Reimbursement Form
(Print off, fill out and mail with receipts to get reimbursed)

HAS AL-ANON HELPED YOU?   Then why wouldn't you want to give that same gift to your child?

Try this link to a YouTube podcast:  Effects of a parent’s drinking on their children - Al-Anon interview with Jerry Moe  

In this video, you will hear an interview with Jerry Moe, National Director of Children's Programs at the Betty Ford Center, as he discusses the effects of a parent’s, or other loved one’s, drinking on their children.